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How the Health Law Helps Latinos

Living in Arizona, I see so many people without health insurance and just like in South Carolina, if a woman does not have a qualifying child, she does not qualify for help with health care. 

Keep in mind that in order to have health insurance, one must usually have a spouse so that they can afford insurance, or - one must have a full-time job that offers group insurance.

So if you’re working part-time and going to college, you have no coverage whatsoever.

Try handling abscessed teeth and strep throat without insurance to pay for the office visits, the x-rays and then the medications.

Try finding out you have a cyst on your pineal gland that is larger than the gland itself and that you need to have an MRI in 3 months to monitor the growth of the tumor - in your brain.

Since when is it okay for any humans, especially those of the Christian faith, to NOT care about these people by DOING something like making sure this country provides affordable health care!

While 16.3 percent of Americans are currently uninsured, the percentage of Latinos without health insurance is even higher at 30.7 percent. As the law continues to be implemented:

  • Latinos of all income levels who would otherwise be uninsured will have access to health insurance through new Affordable Insurance Exchanges and as a result of expanded Medicaid coverage,
  • Latino Americans suffering from a chronic disease—like the estimated 4.3 million Latino adults who are currently living with diabetes—will have access to new care innovations, like community health teams, that will help them manage their illness, and
  • Latinos living in medically underserved areas will have access to new community health centers and preventive and primary care services.

Read more about it here.

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